In 2011 I opened Young Einsteins, a Reggio Emilia Inspired preschool. Since then my journey has been filled with inspiration as I witness how learning unfolds naturally when children are giving the time to extend and deepen their thinking. Young Einsteins believes in active education; conversations with children hold much value, teachers are researchers and are careful with decisions to put in the classroom. The classroom acts as the third teacher intending to stimulate thinking.

We Believe Organic Relationships are constructed together between
Child & Child
Teacher & Child
Teacher & Parent

einstein2Young Einsteins is a half day program for children ages 3 -5 yrs old. We offer 3, 4 or 5 day a week sessions. Young Einsteins is located in Sauquoit NY on several acres of land. Children are given the opportunity for gardening, caring for chickens, caring for birds, observing pond life creatures in the natural habitat and being outside in touch with the natural world.

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Maria's Bio

mariabioI am originally from Utica, NY. I started working in child care in 1997 and instantly gained a passion in working with young children and a vision to one day own a school. At that time I felt a strong sense of how 3 and 4 year olds were challenged every day with social competence. In 2002, while working at Bright Horizons Family Solutions, in Charlotte, NC as Preschool Coordinator, I was introduced to The Reggio Emilia Approach. This changed my life in the field of early childhood, as my perception on teaching shifted to have much more meaning, seeing children as competent and intelligent thinkers.

After living in Charlotte for 6 years my husband and I moved to Ithaca NY where I continued in the field as a teacher, an Assistant Director and an Executive Director. In 2010 I gave birth to my son, we moved back to the Utica area and I began the process to start a school. Young Einsteins opened its doors in August 2011 when I also discovered I was pregnant again with my second child. In April 2012 I was raising both my son and my daughter in Young Einsteins, offering them the best experiences I knew possible for their early years. I believe in giving children an opportunity for discovery and serenity, to create an atmosphere where children, teachers and parents feel at ease and to create and sustain interaction, relationships and cooperation among all individuals involved with the school.

Young Einsteins Summer Camp

summercamp6 week program starting July 18 through August 26. A true outdoor summer experience for children ages 3 -10 yrs old.

Various exploration is geared towards each age group. Activities range from organized recreational sports, relay races, rock building, mud pie stations, gardening, nature walks, painting, working with clay, building forts, etc.

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