Our final step to the investigation was in effort to give the children an opportunity to make the connection of how trees, plants, flowers are able to stay alive by being connected to their roots. The children get up close and personal with trees and plants. They are encouraged to feel the leaves, pine needles, flowers and branches. Teachers ask the children, “What does the stem/trunk of the tree do for the flowers/leaves?”

“The stem holds the tree up and it holds the branches.” – Olivia

“It will help it stand up and if it falls it will still be there” – Linnea

“Seeds, sun and shade help it to grow.” – Mia

“That it has enough rain, sun and shade. And when the roots grow it makes the tree grows higher and higher” – Olivia

“The sun makes the branches grow longer” – Olivia

“How will it die?” – Mia

“How do we know that is dying or dead?” – Olivia

“Because it is disconnected from the tree.” – Mia

“Because when it is disconnected to the bottom of the tree it won’t be able to pull water to the top of the tree.” – Olivia