treep2-2The children begin to question how the tree in our yard fell down. They narrowed it down to three possibilities, an animal chomped it down, the strong wind or a thunder and lightning storm. We brought in an expert who helped them to understand which one of their guesses were right, concluding it was in fact strong wind.

Allan came to the school and joined our meeting time. The children sat around him eagerly asking, “What happened to the tree Allan?”

Mia: “Did a beaver cut it down? Beavers have strong teeth.”
Cecilia: “Beaver’s use trees to makes homes for them. It came to our tree for its home.”
Jenna: “Or maybe it was a hedgehog.”
Allan: “Those are some good ideas. Where did the tree get knocked down, up high or down at the bottom?”
Many children call out: “Up high!”
Allan: “That’s right the tree broke up high, therefore a beaver or a hedgehog would not be able to break it because they cannot climb trees. Beavers do have strong teeth and I brought in some beaver teeth that I have found while in the woods. I will pass them around and you can see and feel how string they are and how long they are.” Allan continues with the children, “I heard some of you say that it was thunder and lightning that caused the tree to fall down. Can anyone remember us having a thunder storm recently?’
Children: “Nooo!”
Cecilia: “We have not had one in a very, very long time.”
Allan: “If it was not an animal, if was not a thunder and lightning storm what other possibility can it be?”
Children: “Wind. The wind blew the tree down.”

“How did it blow it down?”
Allan: “The wind was strong and the tree was rotten inside. When we go outside you will be able to see where the inside of the tree became weak.”

After this interview with Allan we went back outside to re-explore the broken tree. The children began to look closer at what happened, finding new meaning to the investigation. We were then able to witness the tree get cut up into pieces and removed. The children picked out branches and parts of the tree for us to have in our learning space for observation.





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