When the children arrived at school they each walked right past the very large, very long object laying on our lawn. This object is new to the area, yesterday the children were running on grass there and today there was an obstruction. It is still quite chilly outside. Perhaps they are focused on getting inside the room to warm up or to find their friends. I call for them to look out the glass doors and ask them to put on their special looking glasses, “What do you notice in our yard?”

The children call out observations all at once:
“There’s a bird outside”
“The sun’s out”
“The fence is broken”
“I see a chipmunk, it’s done hibernating”
“There is a worm”
“Look! Look everyone, a tree! A tree is on the ground!”
The children ask:
“What happened?”
“How did this tree fall down?”
“How are we going to move it?”
“What if the birds needed this tree?”

The children tell us,
“If we got a crane we could put it back together on top.”
“We can pick it up and plant it in our garden.”
“It can’t be fixed. It’s too high up and it’s too heavy. No one can get it, not even my daddy.”
“An animal chomped it down. I think it was a beaver.”
“Beaver have big teeth and they are strong. They need trees for their houses in winter so they are warm.”
“I know it was a thunder and lightning storm that did it.”
“It was wind too. Wind can be strong.”




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