tree2An opportunity fell right into the laps of the children when school opened on a cool spring day in April and they discovered a pine tree had fallen in the yard overnight. I realized this could potentially become our next investigation.
The children would be included in the entire process of hypothesizing how it happened, describing what it looks like and investigating how to safely remove the tree off of the ground. Thinking ahead I realized an observational space would need to be created to allow the children to have a close look at the different parts of the tree. They would be offered the chance to see what happens to the pine needles, branches and tree trunk over time once it has been disconnected from its roots. This direction would support the children\’s thought process for when our gardens would be started, but that direction may shift depending on the children\’s responses and questions. How it happened becomes the first step in the process of discovering a tree that fell in our yard!

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