Services to Help Your School Grow
Program Development

It is important for the directors/head of schools to recognize the stages and diverse background of their staff in order to support them appropriately.

Maria as the Researcher

On-site training and mentoring offers the staff the experience to implement good-quality projects.

Classroom Design

The environment surrounding the adults and children sends a message to the group encouraging and engaging everyone to be more productive, more creative and happier.

“The goal for educators is to recognize how children's minds can be engaged through a variety of ways in the quest for deeper understanding of the familiar world around them.”
Maria Lallier, Founder
History of the Reggio Emilia Approach

The schools of Reggio Emilia derives its name from place of origin, a northern city located in Emilia Romagna, Northern Italy. These schools were built after World War II by a collaboration of parents lead by the founder of the Reggio Emilia Approach, Loris Malaguzzi. A small amount of government funding was given to each town in Italy after the war to use in any way seen fit to restore the sense of community. Malaguzzi believed that young children were contributors to society and saw them as an investment in the future. Malaguzzi and parents worked together in building a foundation that fosters childrens intellectual development through a process of allowing children to explore their environment, express their understandings while educators are involved scaffolding with the child(res). Learn More >

  • “Maria Lallier is truly a gifted and amazing teacher. She views children as competent, intelligent and capable learners. I have been fortunate enough to view this firsthand. I observed Maria on several occasions as she works with the children.  Each time I am in awe of how she takes something that the children discover, then takes their lead and turns the event into this wonderful learning experience. “

    Civita A. Brown, MSEd, CCLS
    Child Life Consultant, Utica College
  • “Maria understands the mind of preschoolers intimately. It shows in her every interaction with them, you can see these precious young minds come to life in her presence as they become vibrant personalities exiting the world around them.”

    – Regina Hellinger